New miners will be launched on September 9. It is announced that the novel models have improvements that will provide increased productivity, performance that is more constant and will prolong service life.

Leading manufacturer of specialized integrated circuits Bitmain publicized the two new S17 models’ release. Both s17e and T17e ASICS will be released on September 9. It is reported that the new miners have improvements that should provide increased productivity, more steady performance, and longer service life.

Bitmain has developed specifications for recently announced miners. The S17e has a hashing rate of 64 TH / s and functions at 45 j / h efficiency, whereas the T17e offers a 53 TH/s hashing rate and 55 j / h efficiency.S17e has hashrate of 64 TH/s (price – $2784), and T17e has hashrate 53TH/s (price – $1665).

Both S17e, and T17e models are equipped with a heat dissipation system with two tubes, which apparently increases the productivity of heat machines. This must increase the durability of the device and the permanence of its operation. Moreover, Bitmain company highlights that the software built into the two novel ASICS has greater standards of cybersecurity to prevent any kind of malicious attack.

The miners will be distributed in three batches. The initial batch will go on sale on September 9, its deliveries will be completed at the beginning of November. The next shipment will be distributed the following day and will be delivered on November 11-20. The final batch will be distributed on September 11, its supply is scheduled for 21 to 30 November.

It is known that during the following six months, Bitmain will raise its capacity by 50% thanks to a great order for the equipment. The manufacturer also announced to provide compensation for shipment delays. As a participant of this new initiative, Bitmain will reimburse the consumers whose shipments are delayed with coupons for every day of delay.