Characteristics of Antminer S15 and T15 in BTC mining, miner’s positive and negative qualities, payback calculators and user reviews of the device.

This trend has not spared the crypto industry. However, Antminer s 9 with 16-nanometer chips has been in the leaders of bitcoin mining devices for about two years, but two new models made on a more energy-efficient standard have already been created. Bitmain Antminer 28th and 23rd T15 are equipped with a 7-nanometer, can work in high-performance and eco mode.

Antminer T15 and S15 features in bitcoin mining

The device is not similar in appearance and settings to other miners, the company Bitman. ASIC Antminer Bitmain Antminer s15 and T15 have larger dimensions and weight, develop a previously unknown hashing speed, and consume much more energy than the Antminer flagship S9.

Go to the official website of Bitman and consider drilling rigs s15 and T15 characteristics and features of both models.

Model Antminer T15 Antminer S15
Hashrate, 23 TH/s 28 TH/s
(maximum performance)
Hashrate, 17.5/21 TH/s 15.5/18 TH/s
(the power-saving mode)
Maximum power consumption 1541Watt 1596
in high-performance mode Watt
Maximum power consumption 1050 Watt 850 Watt
in eco-mode
Number of hash chips 180 288
Number of hash boards 3 4
Network connection RJ45 Ethernet10 / 100M Ethernet10 / 100M RJ45
Energy efficiency 70 J/TH 60 J/TH
in maximum performance mode
Energy efficiency 62/TH 52 J/J TH
In economy mode
Noise level 76 DB 76 DB
Dimensions mm/mm 220/178/296 240/178/296
Weight 6.6 kg 7 kg

Where to buy new, the cost of equipment included

At the time of writing, both models of miners are not available for order on the official website of Bitmain. In Russia, Antminer s15 and Antminer T15 can be bought from an authorized dealer, Bitmain. The complete set of each device includes

  • miner +BP;
  • holder;
  • instruction;
  • box.

You can buy Antminer T15 and S15 or order delivery in Russia and also in CIS countries. For entrepreneurs who want to buy the devices wholesale, there is a system of discounts. The cost of one set of equipment

  • Antminer T15 – 49 500RUB
  • Antminer s15 – 68 500 RUB

In Yandex, you will find advertisements of many companies offering ASIC s15 or ASIC T15 to buy in St. Petersburg and other regions of Russia.

What to mine, how to find a profitable coin

Antminer S15 and Antminer T15 devices are designed for extracting coins using the SHA-256 algorithm, the most popular is Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. To find profitable currency, an online calculator of mining profitability is used.

Positive and negative qualities of the miner

The main advantage of the new Bitmain’s rig mining machines is the high power with fairly moderate consumption of electricity. The main drawback is quite a high price.

Payback calculators of S15 and T15

The main thing to find out before buying Antminer s15 and T15 profitability of these rigs at the moment. After all, there is a serious investment to be made. Of course, when calculating the profit of Bitmain devices s15 or T15, you should bear in mind the prospect of growth of bitcoin and other currencies.

However, the payback period of the device is necessary to know. Calculator Whattomine will help to calculate the yield of s15 28 Antminer and Antminer s T15. Go to the “Miners” tab, both miners are in the list of service. Open the desired tab and choose the cost of electricity in your region. The upper figure is the dollar equivalent of the cryptocurrency earned in 24 hours; the lower is the net profit. Here is the data at the time of writing.

If you want to get the most out of using s15 and T15, check the yield calculator periodically.

User reviews of the device

After reading the publications on the popular forums of the crypto community, we can make a conclusion. People expected more from the new 7 nanometer chips. With the present-day state of the crypto market and the price of the device, new ASICS pay off in about a year. Of course, craftsmen are already working on custom firmware, and soon the new software should appear in the network.

In conclusion, it should be recalled that ASIC-miners are much more whimsical in operation than farms from video cards. Devices on integrated circuits are difficult, or almost impossible to contain in a residential area, their cooling system needs special attention. Even the invented know-how, in which ASICs are cooled by immersing in a special liquid. If this is not a problem for you, you can start production.