Description and characteristics of Bitmain Antminer, its good and bad qualities, official stores and Return Calculation: the 2019 yield

One of the most productive devices for mining of the Chinese company Bitmain is considered to be ASIC AntMiner T9+. The new version of the Bitmine T9 went on sale on January 30, 2018, becoming a direct competitor to the S9 model. The equipment works according to the SHA-256 algorithm, which allowed users to mine Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash coins with its help. You can mine other cryptocurrencies, however, in this case, the payback will be significantly lower – and, given the deterioration of the situation in the market of virtual currencies, the technique may not pay off at all. The description of the model will help to understand how profitable the purchase of T9+ will be in 2019, and to understand the features of configuration and use.

Description and characteristics

The main characteristics of ASIC T9+ appeared quite decent. The performance model in the 10.5 Th/s is provided 162 BM1387 chips made on the 16 nm process technology and is available in three separate boards. The device is powered by a powerful 1.4 kWh power supply and takes up less space than a compact computer system unit in the microATX form factor.

In the upper part of the aluminum body of the ASIC miner, there is a control board with a connector for joining an Ethernet cable, which provides connection of the equipment to the Internet. Here are the LEDs showing the modes of operation of the device. On the upper face of the block, you can see the connectors for linking the miner to the power supply.

The inside of the Bitmain ANTminer T9+ is cooled by 2 fans, which are located in the front and rear of the case. Fans speed-up to 6000 Rev/s, and up to 4300 Rev / s. The noise isolation of the device is quite effective, but taking into account the power of the miner and the cooling system, the noise level reaches 75 dBA.

The main parameters of the model

Feature Value
Hash rate, TH/s 10.5 (10 to 12, depending on pool and coin)
The mining algorithm used SHA-256
The chip and process technology 162 PCs BM1387, 16 nm
Electricity consumption, W 1406-1419
Noise level up to 75 dBA
Temperature (operating, maximum) 40 (81)
Dimensions, cm 32х12,5x19
Weight, grams 6500

Due to the ANTminer T9 10.5 TH s speed, the model was considered competitive enough in 2018. In 2019, the miner's capabilities have significantly decreased – but a more affordable price still allows it to be used for mining cryptocurrencies using the SHA-256 algorithm.

Good and bad qualities

The advantages of the T9+ model include the following characteristics of the ASIC-miner:

  • affordable price, especially if you buy ASIC T9 BU (although the resource model will be lower);
  • high performance;
  • ability to work with one of the most popular algorithms;
  • high reliability - although repairing the Antminer T9 if its chips fail is virtually impossible.

Among the disadvantages of technology, specialists note the high energy consumption - with round-the-clock operation, it will significantly increase the cost of utilities. The owners of the T9 miner note the noise created by it even without overclocking – the overclocked version makes even more noise. Therefore, ASIC should be installed in a separate or at least non-residential premise.

Payback calculation: yield 2019

To determine whether to buy the device in 2019, the calculation of the average revenue in the production of cryptocurrency will help. You can use the calculator WhatToMine. Here you can enter the following information:

  • 1400 W power consumption;
  • 11500 Gh/s Hasrate;
  • Important! Electricity was not taken into account when calculating the yield.

The calculation for ASIC ANTminer T9 calculator WhatToMine shows that using miners is still profitable to produce a number of popular coins. Bitcoin is not among them. The maximum yield for the ANTminer T9 model per day is 2.66 USD (170 rubles), net profit is provided when mining Peercoin currency.

When calculating the payback period of the equipment, consider the cost of electric power in your region, at the moment it is unprofitable to buy this equipment since the profitability is negative.

Reviews of users engaged in mining confirm that this figure for 2019 can be called quite normal, which means that the ASIC miner deserves attention. We recommend buying newer models of the same manufacturer.