A detailed description of the miner family BlackMiner-F1 Mini, which is affordable and easy to use. The information on its physical characteristics and types is provided.

FPGA mining is undergoing a new rise due to the ASIC miners’ struggle with token developers. Let’s check out the characteristics and types of one of these models - Blackminer F1 Mini. Now the production of machinery for mining tokens is a rapidly developing industry that has survived several development stages in a comparatively short time. One important step was to use FPGA to build hardware equipment. The first models were intended for BTC mining and existed for little time, and then ASIC miners replaced them. This guide analyzes the economical BlackMiner-F1 Mini equipment family.

BlackMiner Equipment Types

Up-to-date FPGA-based equipment can be divided into two types. The first type, "for specialists", includes usual FPGA boards with different interfaces, for programming and maintenance of which it is needed to use specific knowledge. The second type, "for home miner", consists of ready-made equipment with a user-friendly interface. Its configuration does not necessitate supplementary knowledge.

Blacklock manufactures the second type of FPGA Devices. Currently, the manufacturer produces and sells four equipment models:

  • BlackMiner F1+, which costs 2800$;
  • BlackMiner F1-single, 1300$;
  • Blackminer F1 Mini, $179.

Orders and shipment

The manufacturer of the miner has prepared a reduction code to get a discount on F1 Mini - bits.media. You should enter the code in the order window, or follow the link.

Delivery to Russia is carried out via the "EMS Express" service. Using EMS as a delivery firm is convenient for the company, as different courier companies are presently going through a serious inspection at the Russian Federation’s customs. The device will be sent via UPS to the other countries. The packaging process is usual for such deliveries.

Design and physical features

The miner in question contains two parts. The front part is intended to install cooling, and it should not contact with anything. Therefore, there are virtually no electronic constituents on the front part.

  • The front The FPGA chip is hidden below the yellow warning sticker.
  • FPGA The miner is taken from the Xilinx FPGA family Kintex-7 XC7K325T model. It is an efficient chip on 326080 logic cells.
  • Performance features In the Kintex-7 family, this chip fits to the middle segment in terms of both its technical features and the cost. The backside of the device is definitely more attention-grabbing in its content.
  • The rear A 12V PCI-e power supply connector is located in the lower right part of the Board. There is an on-off switch on the Left, a DC 12V electricity supply connector with a reset button on the lower corner on the left. In the upper part of the Board there are two red 4-pin connectors, to connect fans of immense cooling. In the midpoint of the device, there is a black Board with a white inscription "Antminer". It is a single-Board BeagleBon Black version 2.5computer.
  • The OS and software of the miner are on single Board computer BBB(BeagleBon Black). The OS is Linux for ARM.

Finally, note that the model is interesting. It turned out effective to implement a multi-algorithm mining on FPGA with a user-friendly interface. Blackminer has a large community, but it is focused mainly on Discord. We remind the miners interested in FPGA and wishing to purchase F1 Mini, that it is especially for bits users. You should enter the code in the order tab, or follow the coded link.